Ways to Help Charities for Free (With No Money)


As the new year rolls around, it is probably a goal of many people to become more philanthropic or continue their current work with charity. Helping charities does not come without expense, and at times can be financially costly in tough economic times.

With this being said, there are several methods that can be used to contribute to a charity, and it does not always have to be with money. Here are some ways you can continue or start to contribute to charities without spending another dime.

Help People Find Employment

The common theme among this list will be to find acts of service to replace monetary donations. A way you can have a strong impact on others is to volunteer at a job search hub and help people find employment. This can make a huge difference for people, as you will likely have the ability to help people form their resumes, prepare for job interviews, and point them in the right direction of jobs that best suit their career choice.

Clean Out Your Closet and Donate

One of the most passive ways that you can make a difference in people’s lives is simply to donate items that you no longer use sufficiently. Most of us have items like this to some degree, whether it be clothes, utensils, sporting gear, furniture and more. There are a variety of places that will accept your unused items, so it really is as easy as just taking it in to donate.

Teach People Skills for Free

Many people who are in need may have to acquire new skills to reach their goals in life and to better their situation. Chances are you have some types of skills of value that can be taught to people.

For example, many seniors have fallen behind with their tech skills, and you can teach them to stay up to date on these things. Work with job search hubs to see if any opportunities like this are available.

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