Forget Renting Tools When You Can Visit A Tool Library 

Tool libraries are commonly found at actual local libraries, community organizations, or neighborhood groups with different fees depending on the organization system.  

 Some of these tool-sharing programs charge a flat fee for membership, fees per tool to lend out, or some that are totally free to use. There will be different options in different areas depending on your research but before making the decision to use these services, it’s recommended to review the rates or fees compared to other options.
There are a ton of local groups and organizations that can be found on social media along with listings for second-hand tools that might be a less expensive option and a worthy future investment if you foresee more home projects. Tool library fees can range from free to upwards of $200 for an annual fee but if you’re investing this much money annually, it’s an indication that you might just want to invest the fee towards buying your own tool.

Typically, with a lending service, they will only provide the tool as you are expected to pay for expendable materials for certain tools like sandpaper for powdered sanders or nails for a nail gun. Choosing to be apart of a tool library can also be sustainable in reducing waste from old tools that are destined for a landfill.