Life Skills Should Promote Gratitude, Not Entitlement


Practicing gratitude in your daily life is essential. It helps you stay humble and responsible and makes you more well-organized. Life skills that make people feel gratitude are essential for a successful life.

You need to pass them on to your kids for their betterment. These are six main categories of life skills that we will discuss.


Finances are a huge part of your life; sooner or later, we all have to deal with our own. It is best to learn how to control ourselves. Not spoiling yourself or your children is the first step to it.

It is crucial to exercise this financial skill on your children as well. When you readily give your children things they demand, they tend to lose appreciation for them. It’s hard to be grateful when their every wish is being fulfilled.

Not spoiling your children by having spending limits helps them stay humble and instills in their feelings of gratitude. It tells them they must work for the things rather than get them when they desire.

Practicing Their Manners

Practicing basic manners such as saying, ‘thank you’ and ‘please,’ or waiting for your turn to talk and not interrupting anyone is essential. It helps prevent entitlement because it allows you to think about others first.

Additionally, it trains you to think about others and be polite in your responses. It helps them value other people’s opinions, think of others and be considerate of them.

Self-Awareness & The Ability to Think

Self-awareness is crucial, and it falls under the self-management category. Understanding yourself and knowing what makes you flare up or happy is essential.

Ignoring how you feel will only build more problems. When you start practicing self-awareness, you will better process your feelings. It will allow you to be more grateful.

The awareness of your thought processes and understanding the patterns behind them is your ability to think and will help you in challenging situations. You will look at facts rather than personal beliefs and feelings. You will be much more grateful if you understand complicated ideas.

Work Ethics

Work ethics are a part of your chores category, and you cannot complete your life skills if you’re not accustomed to them. The ability to get work done a certain way is essential.

It is crucial to teach your kids the importance of doing work regardless of how tough it gets and the essence of pushing through resistance to things. The sooner your kids learn the basics of work ethics, the more successful they will be.

It is best to teach them this young, and it will prevent them from feeling entitled to have everything done for them. If they don’t listen, you can act against them, such as taking their phones, tablets, etc.

Taking Responsibility

Learning how to take responsibility for yourselves, your actions, and your words is crucial. This life skill comes under self-management and is highly important to teach kids.

It will set in them the spirit of gratitude. Kids need to understand that they, too, are responsible at a certain age, and it’s better if this is taught to them from the beginning.

The five life skills mentioned above are crucial for all to learn growing up. These are a must if you don’t want your kids to feel entitled or blame everyone for their problems.

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