Save on your next Amazon shopping trip

Amazon truly offers everything you need that can get out of control and expensive during a single shopping trip. Saving savvy shoppers have a couple of tricks for a more affordable shopping trip and some of the special programs offered by Amazon. 
Buying something brand new could be costly and unnecessary when you can get the same product in used or pre-owned condition for a lower price. Certain products are available by several sellers in new or used conditions that will give you more options to compare prices.

Amazon offers lower prices under the Amazon Second Chance program, including pre-owned, renewed, and warehouse. The Pre-Owned program is well known for offering items in used condition, but Amazon also offers renewed (refurbished) and warehouse products. 
The Amazon Renewed program features refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products that are all professionally inspected before selling with a lower price tag. The Amazon Warehouse program offers millions of quality used products inspected and graded according to Amazon’s 20-point inspection with the benefit of a discounted price. Products listed under the Renewed and Warehouse program offer great discounts with more pricing options through multiple sellers. 
You can save money shopping for new products on Amazon through the Subscription Box program offering great value for products and discounts for first-time customers. Discounts for first-time customers can range from 10% to 50% off your first subscription box. The Subscription Box program is easy to manage that renews every month, and you can cancel anytime.  

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