Must-Watch Documentaries to Improve Your Financial Knowledge 

Documentaries are often a more entertaining alternative to reading books and taking classes, so here are some financial based ones to check out.  

Many of us spend our down time watching shows, movies, and even documentaries. If it is your goal to upgrade your financial knowledge, you may feel guilty spending too much down time on entertainment that does not help you grow and improve your skills. The catch here is that there are plenty of awesome documentaries that you can watch that will help you grow and entertain you at the same time! Reading books and taking courses can be tedious, so here are a few of the best documentaries to watch if you want to improve your financial knowledge.

Money, Explained
Vox and Netflix teamed up to release a docuseries called Money, Explained in2021 that is literally about the inner workings of money and how it operates. It covers many different topics, but what makes it so valuable is its ability to present money in a way that is relatable to the everyday person in a conversational tone. It covers credit card debt, student loans, retirement, savings, and even mentions how financial scams are often pulled.
Inside Job
A crucial part of financial success is the ability to read the broader economic landscape and evaluate what this means for you. Inside Job is a documentary that breaks down the 2008 financial crisis, and the events that played a role in causing the collapse. Having an understanding of how the economy has faltered in the past can help you grow foresight of what to look for in the future.
The Most Important Class You’ve Never Had
It is somewhat cliche to say that the most valuable life skills are not even taught in school. The Most Important Class You’ve Never Had attempts to tackle this concern. The documentary features actual high school teachers who break down the most valuable financial information that they have discovered to be applicable across the board. This documentary is great for younger people or even students.
Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions
This PBS documentary does an excellent job of explaining common financial rationale that people use. It is common for people to have bad financial habits, but not even realize. This documentary explains the “why” of our decision making in a concise manner, which can significantly help us go forward in psychoanalyzing our own good and bad habits with money.