Top 5 Crypto Exchanges For Day Trading 

Bitcoin trade can be challenging. Do you want to know where to trade or sell bitcoin? Keep reading to find out about the 5 top crypto exchanges for day trading! 

For someone new to cryptocurrency trading, being aware of the right exchange to trade their assets such as Bitcoin and Lite coin can be tricky.
Are you having trouble dealing with crypto? Are you not able to find out the best crypto exchanges? If yes, this blog is for you! Here is a list of the top 5 crypto exchanges for day trading.


eToro introduced crypto trade features in the year 2018.eToro is an old platform that began as a commission for forex and stock trading. This platform operates in countries where bitcoin trade is considered legal.
eToro is currently running over 140 offices around Europe, Canada, and Australia, but its origin is in the UK. Although it primarily deals in Forex trading, it can still be seen as a dominant Bitcoin exchange. It allows beginners to invest in the crypto wallet with as little as $50, and the transaction charges are quite reasonable as well.
•      Powerful and secure systems
•      Affordable transaction fees
•      Highly regulated globally
•      Unavailability of Forex trading in the US


Are you looking for an established crypto exchange? Give Coinbase a try. It is considered one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the crypto world. Coinbase is currently dealing with more than 73 million satisfied traders - that too in over 100 countries around the globe.
This exchange comes up with platforms for traders and a noteworthy crypto wallet product. It allows individuals to buy, exchange, and sell Bitcoin. Traders also have a chance to trade more than 100cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, etc.
•      Easy to use for beginners
•      Availability of mobile applications (iOS and Android)
•      A bit costly
•      Poor customer service


If you're thinking about a particular cryptocurrency, the chances are that you may find it at Binance. This huge crypto exchange is a hub to billions of dollars worth of trading every day.
It offers trading in more than 500 cryptocurrencies globally and is operating in more than 180 countries.
Traders can begin trading crypto here with as little as $1.
•      Extremely low fees
•      Secured systems
•      A bit expensive when charged through debit or credit card
•      The customer support system has its limitations


If you live in the US and want to trade cryptocurrency, Robinhood should be one of your go-to exchanges. It is one of the most popular top crypto exchanges. Robinhood is home to millions of investors, easy to use, and entirely free of commission.
Robinhood enables you to buy Bitcoin with as minimum as0.00001 BTC. Currently, this means you can start investing with as little as$0.54.
•      Free of commission
•      No minimum deposit required
•      No option of credit card or e-wallet
•      Complicated trading rates


Libertex is the exchange that allows you to trade crypto without paying any kind of spread. In addition, they have extremely competitive commissions, with Zcash/USD and XRP/USD costing just 1% per slide. It can also trade some digital currencies, such as Dogecoin, commission-free.
•      Decent educational resources
•      Established exchange
•      CFD trading only

Now that you know about the top 5 crypto exchanges for day trading, it's time you start trading. Happy trading and the best of luck in your cryptocurrency endeavor.